There are so many things in life to be grateful for.  


Here are just a few of mine:


My Family: Bernie, Ray, Lance, Ari, Zack, Zoe, Emerson, Ron, Cheryl

My Resiliency Team AKA BFF'S: Dan, Adriane, Nicole, Tina, Shirlynn, Catherine, Debbie, Carolynn, Ginger, Larry, Sonika, Kim, Jen, Sharon, Nina, Karin, Erin.

My teachers: Mom, Dad, CC, Erin-P.S. 108, Yevette, Wendy - Yoga and Healing Center, Sil - Mothering and Daughtering, Hannah - Coach Training EDU, Martin E.P. Seligman, PHD, Sonja Lyubonirsky, Jon Kabit Zinn.


Photographer extraordinaire Leandra Elaine Photography, Dan and Larry for letting me use their magical home and barn for my photo shoots, Art in the Barn, and refuge during my dark days. Erin, Lance, Whitney and Kathy for your fabulous editing skills. Rufus T Hound and Allie for your constant companionship.