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Through coaching I help shine a light on the Clarity, Balance, and Resiliency within you. Coaching empowers you to mindfully move forward and live the life of your dreams.

We partner in a thought-provoking and creative process that will inspire you to create clarity of vision so you can start living an even more authentic and meaningful life. 


Working as a youth minister, activist, and non-profit leader have laid the groundwork for my coaching practice. My formal education is from Salve Regina University and Columbia University where I studied Politics, Social Justice, and Non-Profit Management. My formal training as a Wellness Coach is through Coach Training EDU and I am a member of The International Coaching Federation.


About Me

I am a Holistic Wellness Coach, Business Coach  and Consultant. I have found my life’s work - it is to help you mindfully achieve your goals and live a more authentic life.


Here is my journey:

Until 2012, I thought my life was almost perfect.


Then I sustained a painful back injury, my husband left our marriage. I spiraled into depression, lost my job, and then my dog died. No, those are not the lyrics to a bad country song - that was my life.  2012 also marks the beginning of my resiliency journey into the life I thought was unattainable. I fell in love with myself - I opened my heart to love, creativity, and self-care. I finally became myself.

Today I am wholly, beautifully me. I no longer seek perfection; I am focused on discovering who I am and what gifts I have to share with others. I practice meditation every day to achieve balance, and when I stumble I rely on my resiliency plan.


My hope is that you connect with my words, that I spark something in you to discover your beautiful resilient self and have an impact on our world.. Let’s walk together!

The final stage of healing is to use what happens to you to help other people” - Gloria Steinem



I have been there, I know moving forward can be a lonely road.  I would like to offer you a free introductory coaching session to see if partnering with me in coaching is right for you!

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